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The closing date for applications is 17 May 2024 for PIANO soloist application and 7 June 2024 for all other soloists and chamber music groups not applying for a scholarship.

If you wish to apply as a PIANO soloist, you must send a video recording including at least two contrasting pieces or movements, one of them preferably in classical style. The piano professors will make the selection of students, which will be communicated in a brief period of time.

The class of professor Claudio Martínez Mehner is in great demand, therefore lessons with him are limited at a maximum of 2 per student.

CHAMBER MUSIC SCHOLARSHIPS: chamber music groups who wish to apply for a scholarship music send application and recording by 17 May 2024.

In order to apply, chamber music groups and soloists must send the application form completed, together with a biography and photo, to the following email address:

Application forms are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Groups or soloists of any instrument which are below undergraduate level must send a short recording as evidence of their current level.

All members from the General Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE) will have a 20% discount on the tuition fee.



Complete: 300€ per group + 50€ per member


Each group receives 4 coaching sessions of 75 minutes each (a total of 5 hours of coaching).

Partial: 150€ per group + 50 per member

Each group receives 2 coaching sessions of 75 minutes each (a total of 2.5 hours of coaching).

The fee per member represents the individual enrolment in the course which covers all the activities that members of a group can enjoy as individual students, such as attending to other lessons or lectures. Therefore. members of a chamber group who are also registered as soloist students shall not pay the 50€ fee from the chamber music application.

SCHOLARSHIPS: We have 3 scholarships available for chamber music groups. These scholarships cover the group fee, but not the individual fee of 50€ per person. In order to apply for one of this scholarships, the groups must send a recent video recording through online link (youtube, vimeo, drive, etc.) of a minimum lenght of 15 minutes, by 19 May 2023.


Available for the following instruments: piano, viola and cello. Also open to other instruments subject to teacher's confirmation.

There are three different modes of application:

Complete: 320€

4 masterclasses of 1 hour each.

Combined: 280€

3 solo masterclasses + 1 chamber music coaching of 1 hour each.

Students can specify, if being the case, with whom they wish to form a chamber group for the chamber music lesson. Otherwise, our team will form the chamber groups based on students level, experience and age.

Partial: 180€

2 masterclasses of 1 hour each.

* In case of great demand, the course holds the right to reallocate students or make a selection via CV or video.


Full week: 60€

One day: 20€


30€ (VAT included) per night in single room with private bathroom.



Chamber music






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